Sunday, June 01, 2008

I feel like dancing...

Melbourne, 5am.

It's cold outside. So misty that I see nothing from my balcony. Just got home from a great night. Only had three hours sleep after a Friday-all-nighter entertaining some strangers in a strange apartment, hiaks! Apartment is as usual, really messy. Feels like I don't live here yet I'm unwilling to move out. I'm so attached to this so-called home yet I don't spend enough time here.

Daddy K couldn't agree with what I've done, hurhurhur... What happened to me made me realized that Daddy and Mummy K are the most optimistic couple. They are positive yet I chose to walk against the direction of the 'wall'. Everyone has been really supportive in whatever decision that I've been making, be it silly or sensible.

Ahhh... sky is the limit. Looking forward to tomorrow's Good Food & Wine Show. I'm gonna meet a sizzling chef who would make me hot food throughout this record breaking cold winter.

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