Monday, June 16, 2008

...and shopping was mad-arse

although there was no sale and I am not patient enough for the Singapore sale. I believe sizes and preferred colours would be out during sale anyway (my all time excuse to avoid the crowd). Shopping was double the fun after not doing it in Melbourne in the past four months. I needed work clothes but I've also bought a fair bit of casual clothes. Oh well, I bought more casual ones to be honest. I'm taking a whole new suitcase of clothes and shoes with me.

Caught up with many friends on the weekend and it was fabulous. The drinking and BIG supper on both nights had seriously contributed to my extra body weight but there's no way I'll give these up on my only weekend in KL. I'm actually thinking of extending my stay in Asia but I've not checked how much extra I've to pay. Eleana said she will pay for me as long as I stay but... Why can't I jump on the plane like scheduled for once?

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