Thursday, June 19, 2008

tell me you don't wanna kiss her...

"Are you coming out later?"
"Nah, I'm not..."
"What? Why?!?"
"I'm lazy."
"Lazy? Come on..."
"I'm not coming out, you guys have fun!"

Some things have changed. Hanging out at home doing nothing is bliss. I'd rather have my long bubble bath, face mask and watch some bad TV after dinner and chatting with the women at home. I'm constantly tired even I've sleeping enough. Perhaps I've gotten glandular fever from someone, pfftt! I'm rather grumpy today, so was my little angel at home - the 'chi' wasn't right. Isn't she adorable?


MisSy said...

Nooooooo...auntie June wants to pinch cheeks!!!!


Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Auntie June pinch my cheeks, I show her my tongue, :p

Anonymous said...

how cute is she omg