Wednesday, June 04, 2008

can you believe 'autumn' is over?

Those people who are fat and bald must've gone through a lot of stress in their earlier days. I'm at my last week, I turn to food for comfort when I'm stressed and I scratch my head when I can't think. I've wasted too many days last week, now 24 hours a day isn't enough for me.

The bar of chocolate Milyn gave me 'to make me feel better' is sitting next to me, very tempting but I'm enjoying it little by little each day, that's because I had stuffed my face with a big plate of rice at 4am! My sleeping hour was pretty much normal in the past one month except for when we partied on the weekend till wee hours, or when I didn't sleep all night to finish up and hand in. These days I don't like going to bed at sunrise, not unless I'm sloshed. Thank God winter is here and it's still dark outside. I can't wait to experience what this winter's gonna bring me. I can smell excitement, can you?

It all started in Spring, it was sweet like its flowers. Summer was extraordinarily long, so beautiful I will never forget. Autumn was pretty warm, with a little rain and thunder at times. Finally, Winter is here but it's full of uncertainties... or you can call it opportunities

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