Friday, June 20, 2008

Just finished packing. Was going through some of Dad's old stuff and found a stack of cards in a folder hidden in one of his briefcase. They were cards that I drew when I was as young as five/six years old. You know how kindergarten teacher made you drew cards for your parents during Father's/Mother's Day? Those were the ones. He's been keeping them all these years. I miss Him badly, the pain is back again, as severe as it was six months ago. I know He's watching me right now, wanting me to smile again but...

Last year's Father's Day, Candyman delivered a bottle of wine to Him on my behalf while I was happily spending His money in Tassie. This year I visited Him at the cemetery. He was smiling at me. I brought no gift but I thought being home with everyone was the best gift. 

It's really not easy.

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