Tuesday, September 23, 2008

should be fine

My friends lied to me. They said there are hot springs in Daylesford but no, they only have mineral springs. Looks like I've to make another trip to the Mornington with mum if she insists on going to to the hot springs.

My back is making me depressed. I have breathing difficulties while performing chores that requires me to bend my body, like loading my laundry into the washer or putting dishes into the dishwasher, crap! Daddy and Mummy K said I don't need a scan as long as there's no numbness in my legs or incontinence. I think I'm alright but going to the chiro is still on my to-do list.

Gonna go for a swim on Wednesday since I can't attend Bikram yoga. I need to be healthy, I need to lose my tummy, I must find my waist once again. Let's just hope it's not too cold for me to hit the pool...

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