Monday, September 22, 2008

my mum has FB!

My mum has Facebook account and I'm munching on freeze dried strawberries coated in milk chocolate while my back is aching from my horse riding injuries. What is mum doing on Facebook? I've just added her but she doesn't seem to wanna approve me. Right, just WTF is happening? I can so imagine what's going in her head when she sees my 1500+ photos

a) My daughter's so fat, gross!
b) Why are all her friends lesbians, is she turning into one?
c) Does she has a drinking problem? Why does she look drunk all the time?
d) Does she has a gambling (PK) problem? Why is she playing cards all the time.

Most importantly, she'll find out that I fell off the horse twice and hurt my back. She hates it when I go skiing, bungee jumping or horse-riding. She has warned me many times that I'm not allowed to ride the horse. Obstinate as I always am, I did and because of my lack of experience, the temperamental horse and my bad luck, Charcoal went amok and I am (quite) badly injured. I'm saying that I can't lift weight, can't bend my upper body down and move both arms at the same time, cuts on left ear and sore left neck. I attempted to make an appointment with the Health Advisor this morning but the clinic isn't open. The competition was held in Chile and I'm unwilling to spend my money on second best. I hope I'll get an appointment when he returns, slim chance I know.

Looks like I'm not gonna do much this week, based on my bank account and my hurting back that hurts when I drive. On top of that, I'm in debts. Haven't paid for anything in Mornington on the weekend. Bought too many bottles of wines but how can I resist? Mum is so gonna faint when she sees them in my apartment next week. Have I mentioned she's into hot spring these days? I was telling her my hot spring experience in Mornington over the weekend and she's all hyped, she wants to go when she's here. I plan to take her to Daylesford, any suggestion on where to stay?

Oh dear, she's bugging me on MSN now because she doesn't know how to approve me as friend on FB. God, help me!

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