Friday, September 05, 2008

dinner was great, thank you

If you remember, I used to cook for myself at home - not a lot but often enough. For some reason, I've stopped doing that since many many months ago. I'm talking about real food, real satisfying nutritional food here. When I do cook these days, it was just quick simple meal for one, nothing fancy, nothing too healthy. I don't remember when was the last time I put in effort to buy food and prepare a proper meal for myself.

Tonight, TY came over to murder my kitchen. Ha... she didn't kill anything actually. In fact, she cooked and she cleaned, even those that were unwashed before. She's a good woman, no wonder no man wants me, pffftt! Have I told you this woman can really cook? While she was making passionate love to my kitchen (like she said she was), I was getting pissed with some wines that I've gotten from the wineries recently. Both dinner and wines were absolutely divine.

You know what? I have been wanting to pop open these reds since Monday but according to house rules #1 I shall not drink by myself at home. I didn't break the rules although I was dying to. I was ecstatic the moment TY stepped foot in my apartment - license to drink at home, boooohoooo!!! Seriously, I think I've a drinking problem. Or maybe I can just blame it on the sight of these good shit sitting at home staring at me, luring me to drink them, aaarrrggghh!!! By the way, I've never stopped making soup twice a week. That's my remedy for saving my body and soul. Just had a bowl actually, and I'm finishing the bottle of shiraz from before. I'm not breaking any rules, I'm just finishing what we've started...

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