Tuesday, September 23, 2008

past the streets and I'm home

It was nice and breezy, I took a short walk from the city back to home. The last time I walked home from the city had to be at least two years ago, I remember it was the spring festival. We partied till 10-ish in the morning at a friend's. All taxis were taken as people were going to the races. I had to walk home by no choice. I was still in my party clothes and smeared make-up. Honestly, I didn't look or feel very good being on the street looking

feeling so trashy at that hour.

Tonight was totally the opposite. I only had half a glass of white and had decided to give dinner a miss. Not sure why but just wasn't up for it. Have I mentioned before that I love being tipsy? Everything just seems to be prettier, funnier and happier but we can't live life in delusion. Right, I heard you. I've decided to pull the plug before I officially turn into an alkie. Haven't been drinking since I got back from Mornington.

The walk home in the spring evening sans alcohol influence was actually very refreshing. I've walked past streets and bridges that I've so often driven on. Tonight I paid a little more attention to the lights, the tram lines and others. They seem to be the same but very different. I guess things do look a little different when I'm up standing than to sit in the car. I walked by the water below my place, observing every restaurant and realized they are actually doing quite well on a Tuesday evening.

Said hello to the Big Brothers at the chinese restaurant and they reminded me that the last time we drank together was end of 2006. Time has passed, we know that but have we grown? We've grown apart for sure, for better or worse. Then I was at the fish & chip shop lusting over some south Melbourne market's dimmies but I was a minute too late. A minute, can't people make an exception? Who is more brutal? Human or time?

I very often lose sense of time. That's probably because I haven't really need to take it seriously although I really want to. Then I ask myself... do you really wanna take life so seriously?

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