Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Melbourne's still great

Since I got back to Melbourne, it has been all work and play but no rest. Coming back a week after class started means I have to do extra hours to compensate what I've missed, which I'm not coping very well. On one hand work has been chasing for submission, on the other hand I'm busy drinking everyday. So far, there's not a day in Melbourne without drinking, let it be just a glass before dinner, or getting completely shacked.

When Candyman was back for Christmas/New Year, he not only cleaned up my whole apartment (baby, you're still the best!), bought me 13 bottles of supposed-to-be really great wine during his visit to the vineyards, he also played a game with me. It was Candyman photo hunt. He left 34 photos of himself/us in my super-duper huge apartment and I had so much fun trying to search for them. So far I've found 22 and I just can't figure out where on earth he had placed the remaining. Perhaps if I spend more time at home tidying things up, they would appear. The winning picture would definitely be this one that was found in my rice cooker *chuckle* This man never fail to make me laugh, or sometimes cry!

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tracy said...

hahah so sweet!