Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Things we often say

Some of the many quotes from Candyman during the week...

He came to look for me at The Cafe after work,
"Baby, I'll have to book you two seats to go home if you keep eating like this"

He wanting to sleep at night but I was all hyper as usual,
"We've some serious problems here. In the morning, I go hoooo-haaaa-hoooo-haaaaa (while jumping around) and you scream at me and ask me to shut the eff up because you want to sleep. At night, I'm all flat out and you go all weeee-waaaa-weeee-waaaa (dancing around) wanting to play but all I want is to sleep"

Before we head to the mall,
"Okay we should go. Now, go put on some real clothes... something that covers your legs and shoulder"

And from me...

"I'm so full! Can we go get some cakes back to the room, it's buy 1 free 1 time!"

"Touch my skin, touch my skin, they are soooo soft after the scrub at the spa!"

And Candyman's favourite of all quotes that he 'instructed' me to blog about it...
"Baby, I'm so jealous of you. You have a job that allows you to travel so much and stay in 5-star hotels. I wish that would be me because then I'll get to have good cakes everyday at the cafes!"
He laughed so loud and said he couldn't believe all I see in a luxury hotel is the promise of good cakes.


MisSy said...

i wanna eat nice cake also...ya...nice one with the jeolousy of his job for some cakes.

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

...and then you look at your tummy that almost covers your toes, you wish you can kill yourself with the same fork that you had your cakes with!