Thursday, March 06, 2008

The traffic here is annoying the shit outta me

Listen up June darling, I know you're going to Bali for the sun, surf and beach but you also have to check out this label that I found today in this city of massive traffic jam and severe air polution.


I was checking out one of their local departmental store and found some very interesting Indonesian label, one being the one mentioned above. Some of the clothes are not what we would wear a.k.a. flare leg bold print pants but most of its collection are so pretty! I especially love the bold print dresses, they are the 100% cotton casual version of Emilio Pucci’s. The only problem that you might face is that their sizes are quite big. A whale like myself is wearing its S and XS.

The shopaholic streak in me has came to live again. Headed to Plaza Semanggi this arvo and discovered the cheap shopping on the lower ground floor. They are of the same stuff as ITC’s but slightly more expensive, however, I reckon it’s still worth getting it considering the amount of time you save from travelling all the way to Mangga Dua. Well, I guess it also depends on where you’re staying.

I got a free taxi ride to the mall but am feeling rather guilty about it, although he screamed at me in Indon and I have no idea what he was on about. The entry road to the mall was closed so he had to go straight. He suggested that I should walk to the mall from where he’s going to drop me off as it’ll take him forever to find the way in. I didn’t mind that but the whole stretch of road was guarded by police who didn’t allow him to pull over. He stopped me at the bus stop regardless and got yelled at by the passengers as he was in the way. I gave him a 50,000 note (the smallest I had) and he had no change. He got grumpy and started scolding me before asking me to get off his car. I got so shocked with him telling me off in a language so strange yet so familiar, people knocking on the back of his car chasing him away, and police walking towards our direction probably to give him a fine/ask for a bribe. I asked him to just take my 50,000 and not have to give me change (fare was only 8,500) but to my surprise, he didn’t want it. He screamed at me and once again asked me to get off his car. So I did. I felt sorry for him to get stuck in traffic and took me to my destination but made nothing out of it.

Traffic in Jakarta is doing my head in. So freaking annoying. Took me forever to get to my destination where I can get there quicker on foot yet I can’t because there’s no footpath and it’s unsafe. Today I saw a hawker stall, yes, a freaking whole stall, parked in the middle of a 4 lanes highway, selling pao (buns). I thought that was hilarious but wasn’t quick enough to snap a picture of it. Hopefully the roads are clear by time we head out for dinner tonight.

Last night we had dinner at the local hawker joint on the street. Annisa recommended us to this place in Taman Menteng and it was truly a local place. We were the only foreigners and had gotten a lot of unnecessary attention but it was harmless. I got all excited and ordered mortabak (very different from Malaysian’s, it was very much like pancake), sate, mie ayam and nasi goreng gila. This dinner had made me happy happy gila too.

Candyman is back from work. We’re going for dinner. Sheesh… I’ve just had a blueberry tart, 2 hours after I had ayam bakar with rice in the mall. I hope I’ll eat less when I return to Melbourne.

p.s. J.Co doughnuts weren’t great at all. I didn’t even remember to write about it until a week later. Krispy Kreme’s original glaze still rocks!

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tracy said...

yes!! i love that brand too!! saw alot of em in bali.

very very nice design and caught my eyes but didnt get any coz spent all my money on surfer's brands...-_-"

what a memorable trip..:(