Friday, April 11, 2008

Save, save, save!

I'm a tight arse who refuse to spend money on hairdresser to trim my fringe. Well, if it was back home, I wouldn't hesitate to pay Jessica to do it for me but I don't quite trust anyone else. I'm that anal. I've been trimming my fringe since I got back and I've fucked it up a couple of times by cutting my lashes. Trimmed it again just before and I swear to myself this is the last time I'm trimming it, I'm letting it grow and will just part them to the side.

After spending on a few shows at the comedy festival and upcoming musicals, birthdays, weekend gastronomical getaway, I promised myself not to spend unnecessarily in the next 70 days. I need to stay in, eat in, drink less and work more... but am going for drinks before Rove then a big dinner with everyone and possibly staying out tonight. Damn, just what is it so hard to stay home on the weekend? I'm very impressed with myself to have stayed in after dinner with the girls last Saturday, although I got home that morning at six with sore feet, so...

There are many times where I was already in bed but I couldn't sleep. More often than not I would rock up to the club at 2am and end up with these crazy party animals...
If I can't be good and stay in more often, can God send me some moolah instead? At least I have stopped shopping and I shall see how long I can last.

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