Wednesday, March 05, 2008

In a nutshell

A lot had happened in the past 6 months, that made time seemed to sneak by so quickly. During this time, we’ve progressed from deciding to challenge the distance, to spending every possible second when given the chance, fights after fights while getting to know each other, and this current stage where sometimes we can finish off each other’s sentence. These had made us more committed to each other although there are still times when I felt like digging his brain with a fork and knife but am glad we always end up laughing about how silly we were. Besides giving up my rainbow single life (I absolutely am not complaining!), these times were also filled with lotsa celebrations and very unfortunately, bereavement.

In September, we fell in love and we made the greatest decision of the year.

In October, June and Des got hitched at the end of the month and prior to that, we had a big party at Velvet. The pre-wedding party turned out to be Rodney and Ilya’s “same same but different night”, looking at the album on FB makes me laugh. It was then the best holiday in Boracay before baby Chloe’s full moon dinner party in early November. Headed south to Singapore and further south to Bintan before returning to Melbourne for a full on 2.5 weeks of madness.

The 2.5 weeks consisted of a lot of PK session till dawn. Sleep over in the name of trying out TY’s very expensive new bed. Party followed by more parties at someone’s house regardless it’s the weekend or not. Minh’s slut and skank’s birthday party that got us all dressed up looking like hookers although that’s how some of us look like on a daily basis anyway. Curry day party at Alice’s and TY’s that turned out to be a private rave party of 5, right after a big night out where Alice and I ditched the boys at 161 and returned to my place for a secret party. I've also paid my 3rd visit to Vue De Monde, for its first time, it failed me. Service wasn't of perfection and it was a big disappointment for it has always been the best.
Dorothy came back to KL with me for Kuan’s big day in early December. Like God had gotten everything planned out for us, this trip had also turned out to be a chance for us to have dinner as a family for the very last time. And without much warning, we had to bid goodbye to Dad and that, I have to say is the most painful thing that ever happened to me. Because of that, I was unable to attend Kuan and Sam’s wedding but we had a kick-arse hens party a few days before.

That night was awesome, with heaps to eat, to drink and it’s the first time after so many years that we got a full on girls night. The night, however, ended up with two men in our apartment. Don’t ask me how that happened and we would prefer not to remember but we’re all thankful for the supper they brought, as well as being the idiots who made us laugh till today.

The following two months were filled with lots of quality time with family to keep us sane after realizing that there’s nothing more important than family. It was my first trip home with no partying. Great working experience at 8TV with a room full of cuckoo creative genius. Candyman was with us on the weekends whenever he’s not working overseas or too tied up with work. I’ve also become an intermediate mahjong player after getting sucked dry by my mum and aunt Vanessa, even the red packets from Chinese New Year didn’t help.

After this trip, life would resume next week. It was a long break from a lot of things. It seems so long yet so much had happened, sometimes I just have to remind myself again that I have to take it slowly and take a deep breath. Doesn’t it surprise you that we sometimes forget the most fundamental need in life, like breathe slowly?

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Anonymous said...

same same...i couldn't stop laughing from the same same but different...
it was a crazy night.