Tuesday, January 29, 2008

In these 56 days that I'm in KL...

Things that I've learnt during this trip in KL...

My body can get used to the heat and humidity when I stay here for long enough. I still sweat more than the usual 'locals' but am doing much better than when I first came back. No more sweating like an embarrassing pig.

Gloria Jeans serves decent coffee but they don't do soy which is a pity.

The Market Place's Happy Hour draught beer is darn cheap - RM30(AUD10)nett per jug. God damn it, bring on the beer, forget about the cocktails!

Banquet at Bangsar Village 2 is run by the same owners of the successful Cafe Cafe and the food wasn't too bad.

Nasi Lemak is still the best national breakfast, besides Bak Kut Teh. Awwww... hello fat!

There are heaps of cheap yamcha places around but there's not a place that serves good dimsum.

Beer served during Happy Hour at Happy Hour's price are watered down.

The heroic move of mixing beer, cheap red wine and stout within 3 hours after staying clear from alcohol for a month is a surefire way to make you throw up all the way from the bar to home...

...then you can keep throwing up till 6pm the following day although there's literally nothing left in your stomach.

Women can be ooohhh-ing and ahhhh-ing over their girl's wedding that is scheduled at least 12 months away; men, my man to be specific, would say... "what is there to be excited about? It's 12 months away. Get excited when it's a week away. Well... Men are from Mars, so they said.

You can hate your job but love going to work because you've got great colleagues who lighten up the whole working environment.

Emotional pain can be physical. It can turn into this sharp twisting pain in your heart, that makes you lose your appetite, unable to sleep, and sometimes unable to even cry.

Playing mahjong for 8 hours straight is so much fun but working straight for 8 hours would be painful.

You'd want to be a better person and swallow your anger, pride, and ego when you love someone enough, but definitely not your dignity.

I've also learnt that, regardless of how much tears one shed, how hard one tries, there are things that it out of your control, and sometimes, out of reach. So whoever that smart arse is that said 'the world is yours if you strive hard enough', isn't quite true.

*yawn* way past my bed time and another long day watching some crappy TV programs at work tomorrow. Good night, people. Be back soon, xoxo

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