Sunday, February 03, 2008

Mum, don't judge the price by its colour.

My Bad Boyfriend thinks we talk too much on the phone, yet when I don't call for too long, he calls me the Bad Girlfriend. And if he doesn't call for long enough, I go crazy. I don't know how many calls a day is appropriate but when I need to speak with him, I do expect to get him -full stop- Yes, I'm a psycho girlfriend, like he said.

Didn't end up going out tonight. Was pretty flat out from shopping with family. Shopped enough to make myself happy but less than what I usually do. I think I'm more frugal these days, don't laugh because I seriously think so. I do care about the price tags. However, the main reason for not shopping much today was because... the stuff was pretty crap.

Was suppose to meet up with EVERYONE at Velvet tonight but changed my mind although I was already dressed and made up. Didn't want to be the drink-and-drive idiot and taking a taxi wasn't an option for me tonight. So I piked out and spent time with mum in front of the TV instead.

I broke a pair of cutesy bright yellow sandals as soon as I got to Starhill yesterday... and my mum threw it away without checking with the cobbler if they can be fixed, aaarrrgghhhh!!!!

So I left my car with Marriott's valet, half-running towards Jogoya because I was, as usual, late. Peee-aak. The left strap gave way. It was impossible for me to walk in them but I could press my foot firmly onto the base and glide them against the ground, but that took forever for me to get there. So the very angry me grabbed my left sandal, and walked barefoot to and into the restaurant, how unglamorous? Pffftt!

I got up this afternoon, telling mum how stupid I looked and she said "yeah, I know, I saw your shoes at the door, I've ask the maid to throw it away."

"What? Where are they? Bring them back! They are not cheap shoes, I'll try to get them fixed"

"Huh? Expensive? Shit..."

Mum asked maid A, A asked maid B, B told mum that they are gone forever, rubbish was collected before I got up. Holy shit, why is my mum soooo smart today? Aaaaaarrrrgggghhhhhhhh!!!!!! I don't care, I'm putting a new pair of cutesy not-cheap flat sandals on mum's credit card, if I can find one.

By the way, maid C arrives today. Pleasant young girl with afro hair *giggle non-stop*


Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

C is for everyone. A wanted to leave in April so we hired the new C but now A doesn't want to leave and my mum thought it'll be good to have an extra one so baby is taken care of at all times. So now we've ABC soup!

I'm good, missing Melbourne still. Have you been finishing your monthly call cap? Hihi...

Noto said...

Is maid C still tat emo now? her hair is cool~