Monday, January 21, 2008

it was the weekend

The weekend was filled with both really sad and some good news.

After 9 months of fighting back and struggling, sis-in-law’s dad has finally left them. He was in a lot of pain before his death. He is now, like my Dad, free from pain although he was very much unwilling to leave. In his last days, he couldn’t help but to question himself why he has gotten this disease. No one had the answer, not the doctor, not the nurse, not the monk, and definitely not the family. I guess the answer to that was at no use but doing your least to help people around you to cope a little easier was more important.

Dad was very thoughtful in this sense. He had tried his best to explain to us, especially me, that his going-away was inevitable. The only difference was that he would be able to leave in peace if we understand and accept the fact. We understood, but grief is also inevitable. He wanted to put us in as little pain and trouble as possible before and after his death; not wanting us to worry too much about him and gotten most things planned for us, including his own funeral. He wanted us to be happy, to get going in life, and continue to be better person. We are learning and trying as time passes.

On a happier note, two of my friends are going to be mummy in the third quarter of this yea. Another friend has just gotten engaged and these other two are getting hitched at the end of this year. Big congratulations! I am expecting more good news from those around me. While many around reckon that we’ve come to age of settling down a.k.a. getting married and having babies, I’m still feeling rather erm… young! On one hand, I would like to be with the person I love dearly and start a family, on the other hand, I’m not done with what I’m having. I’m enjoying my life and time with boyfriend, friends, work and travel, I’m not ready to commit to starting my own family and being responsible for my kids, yet. So my dream of getting married and have my first kid before the big-3 isn’t going to happen, although sometimes I’m secretly wishing for that deep down inside. Just sometimes.

My weekend was after all an eventful and happy one, despite getting absolutely sloshed on Friday. Leaving some stinky mess of puke on the outside of my car for my maids to clean up, I’m rather embarrassed. Big thank you to Rodney who took me home (by no choice). The 7-hour mahjong session with mum and aunt V gave me some extra pocket money. I’ve finally beat the two veterans who have been taking too much tuition fees from me. Also finally gave Foong Lye Taiwanese restaurant a try after hearing all good things about the place. It was, like I had expected, very impressive. I think my Dad would love the fish head hotpot. Can’t wait to take Candyman there on his next visit.

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