Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sweeney Todd

I'm not eating meat pies for at least a month. I love pies and I'm one who would take a drive to Mt. Dandenong to Pies in the Sky for brunch. When I was hungry in the middle of the night, I thought of pies with chunky bits of meat soaked in thick gravy within the thin chewy pastry. I have tasted the best pie in Richmond, this quaint little town between Launceston and Hobart in Tassie. However, I'm not eating pies for at least a month. I'm all grossed out after watching Sweeney Todd last night.

This visionary brainchild of Tim Burton was beautiful although the broken arms/legs/fingers scenes made my stomach churned. Actually, I was feeling rather disturbed when the idea of making pies with Portelli's meat struck Mrs. Lovett. Johnny Depp's acting was awe-inspiring, he definitely deserved the Best Actor award. Half of my colleagues didn't like the musicals in the movie but I thought that has partially made the movie so beautiful, besides its wardrobe and props. This human-butchering movie soundtrack will definitely be on my shopping list. I personally see it as a movie about love, a not so romantic, dark, cold, and bloodcurdling kinda love movie. All things in the movie happened because of love, or perhaps, lust!

It was good that I've watched it with friends because Candyman wouldn't be interested in any human-butchering movie regardless whether it's Burton's, Depp's or me!

Am so glad that it's holiday tomorrow. Hopefully I can get myself an appointment for a massage. Happy Thaipusam peeps!

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