Monday, January 14, 2008

One Night in KL

Had the best weekend since I'm back. Candyman visited and has brought a lot of joy and laughter to the family and of course, me. I went out for the first time after 36 days, as in all dressed up kinda go out. Didn't party as am still not in the right mood to party. We had a great dinner at Rococo style Café Café on Saturday, with beautifully prepared food and an amazing bottle of Guigal. It was a very Frenchy evening.

Drove around the city after dinner, attempting to show off my Malaysian girl knowledge but wasn't very successful. I couldn't find the way to Dataran Merdeka and I wasn't aware that the brothel strip off Jalan Bukit Bintang has moved. Traffic in the city at midnight was ridiculous. Barflies were stuck in traffic impatiently while the police closed off most lanes to hunt down the Mat Rempits. Lotsa stupid jokes and laughter during that 60-minute car ride. Going home and cuddle each other to sleep was a total bliss.

Just wondering when can we do that every weekend, when both live in the same city and live the same life?

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