Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Women

Caught The Women at the cinema this evening. It was pretty crappy I would say although the cast was great. It's like a really bad version of SATC, although the movie is actually a reproduction of the 1939's original version. This group of good actresses just have no chemistry acting with each other. One thing that many of us would've noticed was it was a truly feminist movie - the cast was 100% female, there's no single appearance of male in it, not even anonymous walking on the street. What's funnier was the whole cinema was occupied by female only. It's really one hell of a chick flick!

Anyway, I'm still not bleeding and I've been eating all day. Seriously the only time I could stop myself from eating is when I sleep. For a person who doesn't really take ice-cream, I had choc-top in the cinema. I'm so angry with myself. The more I wanna lose weight, the more I end up eat. So I had decided to clean the apartment tonight and it worked, for a good couple of hours I didn't eat. Sometimes cleaning can be really therapeutic, just like cooking. I washed the covers, changed the sheets, vacuumed the carpet, mobbed the floor, scrubbed the bathroom.

I've so much junks at home I don't know what to do with them. Yeah, what's new right? Those clothes that I wanna get rid of is piling up. Can't believe I couldn't make it to Camberwell's Sunday market with the girls few weeks ago. I scheduled my flight to come back from NZ a day before market day, I loaded all five huge bags of clothes in the car, I borrowed and got TY to load the clothes rack for me, but my body just couldn't make it there. Damn... what's really annoying was I had to unload all those shit out of my car, such pain - physically!

Guess I'll sell my clothes and shoes on e-Bay but can someone teach me how?

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