Monday, October 27, 2008

beach and asia I'm after you!

I'm doing Bangkok in about four weeks' time, yay! This time, we're only doing street food, massages, partying, more street food, more massages and Chatuchak. I'm not eating in the restaurant!!!

In the coming 6 weeks, I'll be doing Gold Coast, Singapore, KL and Bangkok.

I've given up looking for a full time job. With all these holidays lining up till March 09, who's gonna hire me full time? No one would wanna take me for even a casual job knowing that I won't be here most of the time, pffftt! But I promise, after Japan 09, I will stop myself from any more holidays and instead of surfing for air tickets and hotels, I'll be surfing on job site. Deal!

So I've 4 days to lose weight before Queensland, and I'm still not bleeding. Just tell me what can I do, people??!!!

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