Friday, October 31, 2008

Chilli balls

I have a thing for curry fish balls, those that you get on the streets in Hong Kong but not all are nice. If I find a nice one, I'll return and get half a dozen of it. The best curry fishballs for me would have to be Y2K cafe in Sydney's Chinatown. It's so damn good I buy a few boxes of them and bring them on the plane with me to Melbourne every time I visit. Wonder if I can still do that with the 100ml liquid regulation on board now. Anything half as good as Y2K in Melbourne will make me happy, unfortunately I haven't found a single curry fish balls stalls here, except for the frozen ones from the Asian grocers. I do get them when I'm desperate.

Anyway, I've discovered something not as good as Y2K but it's almost kick-ass.

Szechuan chilli fish balls.

I took away the leftover from dinner at Dainty's on Tuesday night. This time I asked for extra boxes for the soup/oil and chilli/peppercorn instead of taking the meat only. I cleaned up the pot and came home with 3 boxes of those. I put them into a pot, reheated it and added in some spam, fish balls and teochew fish balls (fish balls with meat in the middle). Oh my god, they are so yumm... I've been snacking on them and just kept adding more balls. Even the meat in the middle has absorbed the chilli, how great is that? They are so addictive and chewing the dried chilli gives you more flavour if you like things spicy.

Oh well, that's the story of my life - I still can't stop eating.

Queensland tomorrow and I had trouble packing. So I had decided to just bring everything I assume I might need. I shall get back to my chilli balls then go to bed. Have a good weekend peeps and for those who are betting, good luck with the horses!


MisSy said...

I love Y2K's curry fishball too!!! and bubble tea!!! i used to go there so often. reminds me of the taste now and i am hungry...

angela said...

I love curry fishballs too! Street cart style!!!
Best eaten standing next to the cart in winter :)

Noto said...

Don't you ever put chili on BALLS!!