Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm doing it people

Okay, I know. I've gone missing and the ladies are making noise. All my time was spent with mum in the past three weeks when she visited. Not only I have no time to blog, I haven't been following the fellow bloggers' news either. Anyway, mum is gone now and I'm recuperating.

Yes, recuperating.

For three weeks I didn't get enough sleep. For three weeks my back was hurting from carrying our luggage in NZ after the fall. For three weeks I was taking mum to places and organizing dinners. I'm just not good at that, I was drop dead tired. Mum just seems to not need sleep - we went to bed at 2am, she gets up at 9; and when we went to bed at 5am, she still gets up at 9!

As I am so used to living by myself, I got woken up very easily when she's up. Man... I was a walking zombie for those three weeks. Coffee and alcohol were my vices to keep me alive. It was like mum was the young and energetic one, I was the old and lethargic one, -_-"

She's been gone for five days and I'm still recuperating. Regardless of how much sleep I get, I still feel like I haven't gotten enough. It's probably because I'm stopping coffee too as I've already had too much in that three weeks. So while I'm recovering, stay tuned!

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