Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm an eating monster

I've eating disorder.

I cannot stop myself from eating and my PMS has heighten to a crazier level. Besides unable to stop eating, I can't stop cooking either. Last night I made three dishes and soup for myself. I ate 20% of what I made because there was just too much food.

We had Sasa's farewell dinner at Dainty's tonight, our favourite Asian restaurant in Melbourne. We meaning Sasa and I, while the rest were Peking Ducking in Collingwood! Yeah, we have no one else to get our chilli fix with since TY and Alice have gone, while Pat and Den are working interstate.

After dinner, I had Shanghainese dumplings at Sasa's before coming home to have more balls and spam that I've added into the take-away chilli soup/oil. I was still not satisfied hence I started making bak kut teh. Man... when is this mad-arse eating gonna stop? When am I gonna bleed??

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