Friday, November 16, 2007

Am in Kiasuland

Us at Linkin Park's Singapore 07

Four cities in four weeks, hence the sabbatical on this page. Been really busy, catching up lost time with Candyman, while I didn't get to catch up with anyone in KL. Then I was terribly sick for a couple of days, that annoyed the shit out of me as that had wasted another few precious days of mine in KL. Mum was making noise, that I've spent more time with Candyman than with her, I'm a terrible daughter, I know.

Linkin Park on Tuesday night was a blast. The crowd was a little flat but their performance rocked. Flying out tonight (after several delays) and my weekend's a continuation of drinking, concert, more food and goss-ing. Will definitely be back to share my wonderful past 4 weeks.

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