Friday, October 19, 2007

Complaints from KL

Last night was a blast! All of us were smashed, ALL I believe. I had problem standing straight. Dinner at El Cerdo was delish and Mambo rocked! Will post pictures and updates later. When I say later, it probably means very much later.

Since I've joined the caffeine-kick club, I've discovered a problem in KL. There's no good coffee in town! Maybe I've not discovered enough but so far, I've not had a single cup of decent coffee, be it at 6-star hotel like Mandarin Oriental, or cafe like Delicious. And many places don't do soy, pfftt! So I've to resolved to Starbucks - the international coffee chain that serves terrible coffee, that I refuse to step foot into in Melbourne, and if I do, it's for their wi-fi service or at times of desperation. So I had to spend a good 12 bucks at Starbucks and the coffee was still bad, damn it! Can you guys please tell me where can I get a decent, heart-warming cup of soy latte? James told me this cafe at Pavilion makes some decent coffee comparable to Melbourne's but I'm not desperate enough to drive all the way down town to get one.

Speaking of which, I can't believe myself. Another wrinkle just popped up this afternoon under the tremendous stress that I had to deal with on the KL roads of unclear road signs, constant changes and rude drivers. My journey to Mandarin Oriental that usually takes 20 minutes turned out to be a 1.5 hour drive around town. I missed a few turnings and came across a freeway that has 6 lanes with 6 different signs in my face and cars around were flying so I was too scared to slow down but I had no freaking idea which lane I should be on. God damn it! I called my brother for about 40 times to ask for direction and he has finally realized that I'm a dumb blonde who constantly dye my hair black. So I got to my hairdresser an hour late. Coming home was another heart-racing experience with cars cutting lanes with half a second notice and all these new tunnels and roads that I took, hoping that they'll take me to where I want to be because you shouldn't really believe the signs.

Madam Kwan's food sucks big time and tonight would be my last visit ever. Things that were suppose to be spicy turned sweet and salty turned bland. I've Eleana to prove that I wasn't being fussy, they have a problem. It was almost disgusting, yucks!

Good things finally happened after dinner. Got a pair of new Alexander McQueen's shades within 15 minutes. It has became my routine to get a pair of shades every time I come back to Malaysia. Last year I got two pairs because I came back twice so this year, hurhurhur... Walked into this shop where the owner was an old party acquaintance of mine. She was the wild party girl years ago, chic, funky, sexy and had her fair share of throwing away her stand after a night's use. She, however, has turned into a hardworking retail owner, happy wife and a soon-to-be mother! She has settled and she's happy. I'm really happy for her. Got some clothes from her with a little discount, great clothes. Would love to check it out again the week after I return from the beach, when they've new arrivals again.

I've packed my clothes for the coming week's holiday. Baby was reminding me AGAIN to be aware of the baggage weight. Well, I paid a hundred bucks in Melbourne airport for excess baggage. That's ridiculous! So this time, I'm not gonna bring a lot. It's a beach holiday after all, I don't need much. Oh dear, I can't wait!

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