Thursday, November 22, 2007

Back in Melbourne

My apartment is a 2-star motel because I'm only here to sleep and shower. It's 2-star because there's no trained cleaners to make the apartment up everyday, hence the huge mess. It has reached another brand new level of mess. This has taught me a lesson - you'll be surprise at how much more you can achieve after you thought you can't go any further.

I was out 3 hours after I touched down and have never been home. There's not a night that I get home before 3am, and there are days when I got home when people started going to work or when people were going for lunch. I've got a new addiction - gin rummy a.k.a. pok kuat (PK). I love the game so much that I'm thinking about it again now. So excuse the PK addict for not maintaining this blog but I promise I'll be back active very quickly. I've gotten my new Powerbook Pro Leopard and once I get all software installed, I'll be a computer hog again.

But now, I've to decide whether to have drinks at Golden Monkey, clean my apartment or to go back to get more sleep.

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