Sunday, October 07, 2007

Men, sigh

Men and women can never be equal. To begin with, we don't function the same. I would love not to generalize but from my little experience, I am starting to notice yet hate the differences. Women have PMS I admit and that causes unpredictable mood swing. I have to say women aren't the best bosses on earth. Because I'm a woman, so I'll say - get a grip!

One thing I can't understand and accept about men is how they can lock the world out, especially from people who care about them, when they are upset. I absolutely understand that they can only deal with it later but turning off the phone, not picking up calls, not replying to emails and sms isn't the best way to solve problem. Running away from the issue would only make things worse, in my point of view. Most importantly, I think it is very selfish for them to just leave the other party hanging there, suffering the pain while the man is doing his own thing before he can deal with them it. I know the man is hurt too but why cause more pain on the other person by turning away from the person who loves and cares for you?

And one thing that really pisses me off - the man can fall asleep in the middle of an argument, and think that things would be better when the sun comes up, that things would be easier to be solved after a good big breakfast. Geez... I can't go to bed upset or angry, and I don't like it. I get angrier when I can't sleep thinking about the unresolved issues while the person that is partially responsible for the problem is fast asleep like any other night.

I've finally remembered why I used to run away from relationships. They are so consuming, so much hard work. Yet, I choose to stay in one because I believe I've met this person who is worth all these hard work. After all, this is what I've been looking for - sweep me off my feet, consuming, inconvenient yet make me happy kinda love.

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