Friday, October 12, 2007

I've been blogging less, I know

I'm still alive but I'm vanishing, that's how I feel really. Someone asked me why I've not been forwarding her great-to-kill-time-at-work junk mails. Then another asked me why I've not been blogging. Some asked why I've not been posting pictures.

I'm not in the mood - I'm so broke I've problem going out this weekend.

I'm not feeling well - I slept for 24 out of 30 hours yesterday and if I didn't force myself to get up, I could've slept for another 24 hours but I was too anal to die in my sleep without anyone noticing.

I'm dying from too much work - I'm going back to KL for holidays in a few days time and it's the end of semester. I WAS wishing to wrap everything up before I leave but looking at the extremely slow rate that I'm going, I'm bringing my books home with me, &^%$^&#(& !!!

I'm semi-addicted to Facebook - I'm getting better as I don't play with my pets anymore, or Tetris-ing but when I've free time, I'll check my Facebook before I read junk mails or blog, booo... p.s. can someone please tell me how can I stop those notification from clogging up my mailbox? They are freaking annoying!

I'm really busy - things in my life happens faster than I can blog so sometimes I've so much to tell yet I don't know where to begin and where to end. So I tend to blog when I feel intensely against something, resulting in friends assuming that I'm not happy in life. Not true, not true. They are just snippets of my world which I happen to jot down.

So just a quick flashback at what I've done...

I've tried many new restaurants in the past few weeks - Kenzan, Wabi-Sabi Bistro, Interlude, Yu-u, Nobu, and return to my favourites and that includes Dainty! Been partying and getting smashed a lot, inclusive of one Wednesday night when I surprisingly found my way home at almost 6am; being bread thief with Alice and later she attempted to rape me with bread but failed; rocking up to Watermark at 3am because I couldn't sleep; got smashed from James Squire then had a CRAFT (Can't Remember A F*cking Thing as coined by DJ Coming) night at Watermark, followed by drunk dialing and pissed Candyman off big time, as in, BIG BIG time; Godskitchen 2007 with the best visual and elevated DJ console ever; attended a Bollywood Ball where I played Snow White; and more drinking and getting drunk on week nights and weekends.

But nothing beats my upcoming holiday with Candyman. Sun, sea and my man, here I come! Tickets are booked, domestic flight and accommodation will be sorted out soon. That's the only thing that keeps me awake working.

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