Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Bad Day

The first time had finally hit us. Call it an argument, or not. What I'm sure of is that the both of us are going to bed unhappy. Well, at least one of us can sleep, while I can't stop thinking about it. I'm not good with words, especially when I'm upset with something. My words can sometimes be harsh and crude. So tonight I chose to keep my words, merely because I'm learning to be a better girlfriend/person, and to act more mature in an adult relationship. I was thinking perhaps I'll be more subtle after a day or two and discussion will be more fruitful.

So the issues were all over my face and in my voice but I didn't put them in words. He had no idea why I was behaving in such behaviour and had decided to give up asking and went to bed instead. I later realized I couldn't hold my anger anymore and I wanted to spill but it was too late. Honestly, I don't know if it's me, or him.

I wanted pizza for dinner but the good pizza place from the delivery menu wasn't open. I hung up and tried my best to find the second best for the evening on the menu. I decided on fish burger and calamari and it was the same guy who picked up my call, the fish & chips restaurant that I picked from their delivery menu for the second time has shut down. I said thank you and thought maybe I should just starve myself to death tonight since I'm so bad with luck but that friendly boy on the other end of the receiver was very sweet. He told me that I can hang on to the call and we can both work together in choosing something for dinner.

So we agreed on this particular restaurant and the menu was extensive. I couldn't help but muttered... "f*cking hell, I hate choices on days like these"

Yeah, I had a problem when I'm given choices. Our conversation lead on to what I had for dinner last night. Pizza it was (oh yeah, Ladro's were the best in town!). So he said I shouldn't have pizza again but I wanted some. He also recommended me the beef burger as I was about to order burger before. I ended up ordering a pizza, a humongous burger and saganaki. I couldn't finish either one of them. They are still on my dining table.

I needed to talk to someone tonight, but I couldn't think of anyone that I felt like speaking to. Don't we just hate one of these days, where everything seems to be wrong, and decision can be so difficult?


Anonymous said...

hey smile babe.. and i hope it was not about the vacation...

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Babe, don't be silly. Absolutely has got nothing to do with the vacation. It was communication breakdown. We're all good now. It was over silly insignificant things, ;)

joey.khor said...

good to know. it's only bad during that time. rain will have to end some time eh?