Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry X'mas 08

I did nothing on Christmas's eve or day and I'm very pleased. KL has totally worn me out, I ended up with a nasty cough and cold. So here I am, back in Melbourne, in my tiny little apartment, enjoying what seems to be impossible in KL - peace and quiet at home. Don't get me wrong, nothing's wrong with my family, we're just constantly busy at home - playing with Jae Ee, stuffing our faces with food, getting ready to go out, talk, talk and more talk. Or I'll be partying on a few consecutive nights until one of us surrendered.

Air Asia x was by far the worse flight I've taken, far out! The seats are so small, it's almost impossible for me. Well, I had three seats to myself and that usually allows me to sleep comfortably but Air Asia's are just crazy. It was frustrating and kinda traumatizing. I cannot bear to remind myself that I've another two trips with them.

It was good that I did a thorough clean up before I left so my apartment is pretty clean. I just have a lot of stuff lying around, like mails, suitcase, unwanted clothes and magazines. I'm in the mood for a spring summer clean this week, get rid of the old and comes the new. Where shall I start?

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