Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day 08

Couldn't keep my eyes open by half past nine. Man, I really am sleep-deprived. Have I mentioned I was having too many drunk late nights in KL? Even my maids felt sorry for me (that's their exact words in bahasa, really). So I swore to myself that I'm gonna take it easy in Melbourne, good for my wallet, better for my liver and skin.

I was deeply asleep for about three hours before the sound of cars beeping woke me up. You know what was I thinking? I thought "damn... these people must be fighting their ways to the boxing day's sale". I know, what the...? Opened my eyes and it was (still) pitch black. Checked the time and it was only 1-ish. I was lying in bed, trying to put myself to sleep again but all I could think of was to get a Vuitton handbag. This is freaking abnormal yet pathetic I've to say.

With my little leftovers in the bank and upcoming holiday plans, I don't think I can afford any handbags, or any form of shopping to be precise. I've promised to go shopping with Violet tomorrow though, isn't that cruel for me?

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