Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I wanna be healthier

I've started my new year resolution just a few days before new year comes, that is to practise a (slightly) healthier lifestyle. Firstly, I am "trying my best" to stay in on week nights, meaning I shall only drink on weekends. I've done very well in these seven days *pat on my own back*

Secondly, I've officially started my pre-skiing training - forty minutes on the treadmill, thirty minutes in the pool. Every other day. I'm allowed to skip on the weekend if a) I'm hungover or b) I'm out. Yesterday was day one, we'll all watch how determined I am this time.

We are all hyped for Sensation White tomorrow night. They are planning to go in white - a friend's fiancee has gone as far as buying a pair of new white trousers and new underwear. I'm with you brother, I'll be in white underwear but I've not decided on what to wear. Just how many white parties are there in these twenty-four months? First it was Armin White Party, then Godskitchen 10th anniversary white party, and Sensation White. I personally like wearing white to raves hence I've actually ran out of whites this time. I'll find something to wear tomorrow.

I've succeeded in getting Evonne to go Summadayze on new year's day too, woot! Wasn't hard to convince at all. We're planning to give ourselves a couple of hours break in between the two parties. Can't wait!

Something isn't right with my laptop. My screen blacks out after a few minutes but this only happens when I'm overseas. You think my baby isn't used to the heat and humidity? I was gonna send in to get it fixed but there's just no problem when I'm in Melbourne. So how am I gonna tell them that I've got a problem? It was just impossible for me to blog when I was overseas.

Anyway, I should go to bed and have an early start tomorrow. Happy 2009 people in case you don't hear from me tomorrow. I'll definitely be rocking it at the parties.

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