Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm supposed to be a tad stronger now

What doesn't kill you will make you stronger. Really? Seriously?

How do you explain my recurring gastro? That hit me hard 3.5 weeks ago, and hit me even harder yesterday. Holy crap... I was literally puking my guts out all day. Anything that went down my throat came straight back out via the same path within 2 minutes. My temperature was going up and down like a swing and the room was spinning around me. I felt freaking pathetic and apparently, I looked very pathetic too! No doubt about that.

So I left work early to go home. But really, I was too sick to even drive yet I was wayyy too tight to cab home and of course, to cab back to work the following day. So I clenched my teeth, and off I drove home. After a quick shower and checked my temperature, I was in bed for the next 15 hours. I had a bit of fever but it didn't really bother me, all I wanted was for me to stop throwing up and feeling sick. Mind you, my electric blanket was on full blast till the early hours. I woke up this morning feeling light-headed (probably because I hadn't had food/water in the last 37 hours) and had a headache (had to be from severe dehydration!). I made myself some plain congee and went to work after.

I missed having someone last night. My mum, a sibling, a boyfriend, a housemate, a visitor, a whatever. I miss my family from time to time but at times like this is when I "physically" missed them. I guess that's my price to pay for living by myself, besides the ridiculous rent. At the end of the day, regardless of how dizzy I was feeling, I still drove myself home. Whether I like it or not, I still have to come home from work and clean up the mess in the kitchen from the morning before. And I had to cook myself food which I've hardly touched because I've zero appetite.

Sucks to be sick! I hope I'll never get sick again, never ever please... Alright, a cough and a sneeze here and there are fine!

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