Friday, November 14, 2008

Mrs P owes me many many drinks

Likai didn't go to work today, hooray!!! At least I wasn't the only person who was hungover. Oh well, I woke up at 11-ish in the am and I was feeling absolutely okay but the headache struck me at about 2pm and I was in bed all day trying to sleep off my headache and I did. Man, we had 8 bottles of wine the bill says!

So Violet was right, I'm doing the same thing to my friends whether I'm in Melbourne or KL - getting them sloshed on a week night and make them suffer the day after at work.

By the way, very disappointed with Kaixin and Angela. One didn't show face and the latter left after a few glasses of 'fruit juice', booohoooo... There shall not be any Sunway/Subang for us in these coming four weeks because Angela has to compensate me for making me go to KLIA!

Because of Angela, I ended up in KLIA last night. I finished perming my hair in Mandarin Oriental wanting to get to TTDI to meet the mean girl. As usual, I wasn't familiar with the roads, I took the wrong turn onto the new freeway. I went to Selak Selatan, Bukit Jalil, Seri Kembangan, KLIA and took the usual road from airport to Damansara. I was friggin retarded!

Next week Raw and afternoon karaoke, I'm pre-booking you girls!


MisSy said...

god. my hangover also started after lunch. so weird one. what a retard wine.

phew. means we don't have to go sunway this trip rite?

i am off on Monday. what u doing?

Unknown said...

;p .. lucky i "sim" if not i sure kill my self!

hehehe.. how's thailand?