Wednesday, November 05, 2008

True Red Flannel Plaid Wool it says

Obama will be the next US president, wooohooo!!! I'm so excited for him and the world.

Because of some last minute major changes to my Asia trip, I have brought forward my trip to this Friday. That also means I've to get my skis and boots ready to go home with me two weeks before the initial date. So I sent my skis in for waxing, edging and tuning but I had no board bag to ship them.

I was planning to get the new season's bag in the middle of the month, like how every retailer was telling me that's the time of the year when they get them. So I was running around town like a mad woman last week looking for Burton's wheelie gig (in colours) but they only have the black one left. In case you haven't know, I hate plain black bags, so boring. I'm a bimbo, I like my board bag to be in girlie colours and print. I've always wanted something in pink or red.

Because it's the end-est of the season and new season stock wasn't in town yet, I was prepared to buy anything with a roller, and get ANOTHER new one when I return next month. Thank goodness I emailed Capital 17 trying my luck for the very last time and they replied to me this morning telling me new season's bags are in their sisters store, Auski! My car was illegally parked in front of Auski 15 minutes after I read the email and came home with a spanking new red wheelie gig bag soon after.Great things do happen (just sometimes) when you keep trying. When you're at your most desperate and when you stay positive. I'm so happy I'm jumping around like a kid now!!!

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