Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Greetings from Jakarta

Hi all, I'm finally back in the loop. Chinese New Year was a quiet one this year, mainly because we were not supposed to celebrate according to our traditional Chinese culture, and we were not allowed to visit friends or relatives either. Candyman had 6 meals within the first 24 hours that he was in KL, so did I. We've put on so much weight by eating non-stop and planting our arse in front of the TV and slept 12 hours a day.

I'm now in Jakarta, a place that I gave up for Boracay last year. The weather here is weird, I got up to clear blue sky, put on my bikini and sunscreen and came out of the bathroom to the sound of rain brushing against our window. Damn, my effort of trying to reach my mid back! So I ordered room service and the sun came out to say hello again while I was waiting for my food. Gonna wait for a little before I jump into the pool as I'm so stuffed right now.

I was told that I can't walk on the streets here because there's no footpath. Candyman was right. I was told that I should only take Blue Bird or Silver Bird taxi here as others are absolutely unsafe. Wei Liang was right. I was told that I shouldn't wear shorts and sleeveless when I go out alone in Jakarta, I've not proven it right or not. Gonna go get myself some J.Co doughnuts in the evening to see if they are really better than Krispy Kreme like I was told by many. There's no queue here, compared to the ridiculous at-least-an-hour line in KL or Singapore.

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