Monday, December 24, 2007

my boyfriend is the best

I've got the most wonderful boyfriend on earth, and he has just turned a year older. Although we're miles apart, I trust we're firmly in our hearts. I was supposed to be stuck in Melbourne during this Christmas-New Year holiday and apparently, he couldn't get tickets home. Found out last week that he had actually planned a surprise trip home for me and his family, but my Dad gave us a bigger surprise. As much as I would love to spend his birthday, Christmas and new year with him in Melbourne, I would rather stick with my family here. Guess staying close with my family at this time is the only thing that keep us sane.

Candyman was with me when Dad left us. He changed his plan, left work early and hopped on the first available flight to be with us. He managed to say goodbye to Dad, and that meant a lot to him. Out of anyone's expectation, Candyman's hand was grabbed the hardest when he reassured Dad that he'll take good care of me, although Dad was already unconscious. I'm glad that he was aware of our presence. I hope Dad has left his worries about me behind because I won't let him down.

I don't know how I was going to get through the first couple of days without Candyman by my side. He was there to support me when I was too weak to hold myself up; to tell me that it is okay to cry because that will make me feel better; to listen and talk to me when I couldn't sleep at night; to guide me when I was dreadfully shocked and lost; to make me comprehend what had happened and I can grieve but I've to accept it. He was just there when I needed him, that was very sweet and I really appreciate it.

Candyman was also been an angel to my family and relatives, by being around with us and trying his very best to accommodate to our tradition and culture. He had to cancel two business trips in the last minutes so he could be with us. Just what can I say about this man that has done so much for me? I know I've not been the best girlfriend who had her hissy fit whenever she feels like, who sometimes played too much and got a little irresponsible. Candyman definitely deserves the Best Boyfriend award, if there's such. I love this man who makes me laugh, who makes me cry, who wouldn't give in when I'm being unreasonable, who melts my heart, to death. I hope he's feeling the same way too.

Next year, he has promised.

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