Thursday, November 10, 2011

blast from the past

So the last entry wasn't a cheerful one at all. I've been wanting to post something, just so you see some positivity when you get on to this page. I've just been busy with work, partying, exercising and... Living life just basically. I was gonna post a happy photo, but there are too many just couldn't decide which one was the most appropriate for this space.

The point is, I am happy. Still haven't completely come to terms with who is gone and never coming back but I am happy. Feeling surprisingly good for one who binge drinks and eat too late on most nights. As usual - trying to cut down, still trying.

Someone from the past came knocking on my door. Actually, I guided this someone to come knock on my door. Same story, five years later... I'm taking the first step this time. In fact, I'm jumping into it. Now ball is on the other side of the court, I can only wait. See if anyone is going to miss the boat this time.

Watched Drive tonight - what a movie! Never liked Ryan Gosling, didn't like the movie but I have to say the soundtrack was awesome! Have I mentioned Gosling can't act?

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