Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Chen Wei Zheng

He was one year my senior in the class right across from mine. I don't remember the first time we spoke but I remembered him telling me he fell in love with me from a paper cutout on his class's wall. An article of mine was published in the local paper, with a photo of mine attached. Their class teacher got it posted on their wall. He said he liked my smile in the photo, and liked me even more after seeing me in person

We became friends and we were on the phone a lot. I didn't like him that way, nothing like that. He was 12 at that time, a kid literally. So was I. Never once crossed my mind that a boy and a girl that age could like each other more than just friends. I remembered him cycling to my house with his parent's mobile phone, ringing me at home to chat.

God knows what happened to me with gold fish memory, all these just came right back into my head this afternoon. Nineteen years ago yet so blardy clear. I wonder where and how is he now. To be honest, I have very vague memory of his face. In hindsight, he was such a sweetheart. Oh well, one must be damn genuine when you're merely 12.

So I was trying to get more information from Always Skinny but she turned out not to remember much, for once! I swear I would've texted Hitam Manis if she isn't holidaying in New Zealand currently. So there I go, went through about 500 out of 3500 people who "like" my school on Facebook. Ridiculous I know. Would be very lovely to see him again.

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