Saturday, April 09, 2011

another fail relationship

Sometimes we don’t learn until we get burnt.

I am always like that. Saying yes, yes and yes to advice of wisdom but never actually practise. And then I get myself into trouble. Just how many times have my mummy told me not to do this, this and that. Yet I just had to do it.

So I’m in debts, to the bank. And trust me when I say 70% of them weren’t on shopping. Forget about “what did I spend on”, I am just in debts. And I just realized how freaking crazy it would be if I don’t clear it soon. Thanks to the much-needed talk with a few good friends, I’m now getting on my feet and wanting to straighten things. First step, I’m taking a temporary break with my Visa. We had a bitter-sweet relationship. You made me happy and now that we’re separated, I still don’t hate you. In fact, my love for you had never changed but this unrewarding love is taking me down a dangerous path. So I cut Visa up - out of sight, out of mind. When we meet again, I'll love you much less.

And then I’ve confessed to my other good friends, admitting my problem. I weakly needed more support from them and I was right, they were anything but supportive. WDAR and Easy Mama suggested to me to return all money to the bank upfront with their money to save on interest, then I'll return their money slowly. And I suggested to pay them interest in return, at an agreed rate, that’ll definitely save me heaps compared to the bank’s.

I’m so touched by all my friends gesture. Kind words, motivational talk, sincere offers of help and genuine understanding. Once again, I’m so grateful for what I have in my life. Without you, I would’ve broken down and cry. At the same time, because I trust you as a good friend, I’ve opened myself up to you. I don’t care if you judge, laugh, roll your eyes or you think this is what I’ve to go through to learn, I am determined to get my finances right!

After I clear my debts, I’ll start my base-building, as spoken about by Lili!

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