Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm too old for chewies

If a guy buys you a vodka cranberry lime and an older man buys you shots of Grey Goose, what can young boys offer while trying to chat you up? My answer is chewing gum!

One night, two early 20s boys at two different venues (don't even ask how, why, where and please don't laugh in my face) chatted me up. And they both offered me chewies. That lead me to blowing my own breathe into my cupped palms to check if I smelled bad. I did a couple of times and NO, I did not smell bad. So why offered me those damn chewies? Since when it is acceptable to pick a girl up with chewies? Perhaps not in my era, as much as I hate to admit. I accepted the chewies from the both of them, and put them in my mouth (note: I do not chew gum unless I'm at rave parties). I either didn't want to say no, or I didn't wanna be old.

The latter has been texting me and yes, I gave him my number. What happened prior to giving him my number need not be mentioned. So Button has been asking me out, and I'm feeling so blardy embarrassed! Never have I felt this way in my life because I never had to deal with 21-year-olds. If you know me, I always have a thing for wrinkles + dimples. What was bothering me is that he doesn't know my age hence I cannot hang out with this Button, not even just as friends. Because I fear the embarrassment of letting him know that I'm not as young as he thought/wished I was.

It got me thinking... Will I ever come to an age where I lie about my age? I've always preached that age is just a number game, there shall not be lies. But as people around me are getting younger and I am only getting older, what number am I? Just to be clear, I did not lie about my age to Button, I just did not deny whatever he assumed, bad enough I know. I never understood why people lie about their age until today. I've yet found words to explain. Anyway, I've decided to be truthful with the number, which means I have to go missing from the young boys. What happened to my wrinkly + dimpled men? Where are they when I want them?

Curry was teasing me that it's a joke that they thought I was about their age. I cannot agree more. That is also one of the many problems with young boys, they make BAD judgment. Inexperienced and they offer you chewies! Enough said, please get me a Grey Goose on the rocks already!

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