Thursday, May 20, 2010

making my way back

First, I've cleaned the cobweb as suggested by Mrs P. Then, I'm putting my fingers to exercise. Other than working, cooking and entertaining my visitors from overseas that never, AND I MEAN NEVER, stopped coming to Melbourne, I haven't been doing much in the past four and a half months that I've gone virtually missing. Of course, I am active on Facebook and Twitter (please blame it on Twitter actually). I haven't even read my friends' blogs, none of them.

Dancing in the summer rain on New Year Day was just a couple of weeks ago, wasn't it? Ops... summer rain has long gone, hello to winter breeze instead.

A lot has changed in these months. Two friends are mummy now. Diana's little bundle is so adorable I'm so gonna kidnap her home one day while Di isn't watching. Sasha is popping next month if everything goes according to schedule. And good news today, which the psychic in me already knew, someone is 10 weeks pregnant. Congratulations, you know who you are. Hurry up, get over the puking then start booking yourself a photographer to take some semi-nude photos! Also, a very good mate is engaged, I'm so happy for her, wish came true. It's really heart-warming to know that your friends are truly happy and contented with where they are right now.

I have good news too. I got promoted but hold on, I am still underpay. You can call it Title Inflation - you get a great title, but shit pay. I do have my reasons of staying in the company besides it is a great learning opportunity and I'm considerably happy. I need to learn as much as possible in the shortest time frame. Oh well, I've no money to start my own business so I guess the best is to climb the career ladder at the moment.

I'm getting my regular two days a week rest now, no more working six days a week or my old seventeen consecutive days kinda crazy thing. Thank god tomorrow I've no work. I kinda like to split my off days as I find it more productive compared to two days in a row. I wouldn't keep thinking I've tomorrow to get things done so today I'll just do jack shit and when tomorrow comes, I regret not doing anything yesterday. Besides, isn't it great to work for two days and have one day off, then another three days and you tell yourself "Yay! No work tomorrow!" But because I'm running the show for the moment, I get work calls even on my day-off, or sometimes in the morning on my very precious sleep-in days. Honestly, I'm so not used to this but I guess I've no choice at the moment. Hope things would be better at work soon.

I've been having weird dreams of late. Twice with myself getting a Caesarean; of a tower collapsing; of strange people that I've never met before, doing strange things in strange places. And of my Dad. They're probably the best dreams. Oh, did I tell you my Dad saved my life last month? I was making soup in the evening, I had a long and tiring day. And I went to bed totally forgotten about the soup. At some point I was dreaming of my Dad and because I dreamt of him, I was slightly woken up and was tossing my body in bed when I smelled something was burning. In a very blurry state, I couldn't recognize whether that smell came from the kitchen or my dream. It took me probably a few minutes to remember about the soup, so I got up and went to the kitchen and of course, the fire was on. I turn it off and went back to sleep. The following morning when I checked, everything in the pot was burnt to ashes, EVERY FREAKING THING including the chicken carcass! I wouldn't have woken up for that 2 seconds if I didn't dream of Him, or if He came into my dreams an hour later, that would've set the fire alarm off.

I believe that He's still watching over me. He gives me strength when I'm weak. He gives me courage when I'm in doubt. And He will not stop loving.

Sweet dreams people. Let's see where my dreams take me to tonight, xoxo

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