Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'll curse you till I get tired, bitch!

My maid deserves a cheating husband that gives her warts and all kind of STD you can name in the world! Aaarrgghh!!!

She was with us for two years, we've been nothing but wonderful to her. Treated her like part of our family. My mum often bought her clothes, took her to our family outings and always forgiving for whatever mistakes she had done. But God has proven to us again that being nice to others do not mean that you'll be treated the same.

Last month, she went back to Indonesia for holiday. We bought her the return air tickets, my mum gave her gifts for her family and lent her a mobile phone with a roaming sim card. She was meant to be back a few days ago but she rang and said that her passport was taken away by their custom officer, hence she missed her flight. She said she was gonna come back and she needed money to buy a new air ticket. So my mum TT her a few hundred Ringgit right away.

Then that fucking ungrateful bitch went missing! She wasn't contactable for a few days until today, my mum rang again and guess what? Her sister picked up the call and told us that she's married three fucking days ago. Pffft! Sometimes I wonder, is my mum treating the maids too well, that they end up taking her for granted? I don't know but I am sure karma is so coming to bite the slut on her back, she better wear another layer of pants!

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