Thursday, October 25, 2012

faraway gal

It's always about choice - to smile or not; to turn around or to keep walking, to hold on or to let go. In my case, just a very simple one - to live in Melbourne and try to live a life. This choice also means I've to leave a lot behind me. Oh well, not really "behind" me but a few HUGE "no"s. Forget about the uncountable babies. I am talking about weddings, the very good friends' wedding. In the name of money, and most importantly work, I've turned down (unreluctantly) a few weddings.

 - Joey, the most creative person who design this whole page. Amazing wedding I saw (on FB), no doubt about your creativity. I still cannot believe you 'whipped up' my page in minutes. You and Regine are blardy awesome together!

- Gwen, my childhood doppelganger just because grandma used to mistaken me for Gwen. This girl look so amazing at her beach wedding of the decade, OMFG! Can you look any prettier???!!! Leonard is the luckiest guy, EVER!

- Pat, happening this weekend and I haven't changed my mind - I do wanna be at your wedding but work + money won't allow. I was just thinking about the amazing times we had together in our very short but extremely sweet years. "Princess Model" wishes you and Amir an amazing life together!

- Ju, we grew up together. I love having my big sis looking after me. Alrighty, Tracy is the big sister and I'm double your size but you never fail to take care of me like your little sister. I know you've booked me 18 months ago but with my current job, I just cannot make it. I love you, and I'm so happy for you!

Finally some good news - I am going to make it to Leesa's wedding, woot!!! Someday I'll look back and realized it's a mistake to choose to live here, sigh... First world pain!


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