Friday, May 18, 2012

recycling, sharing and taking

That night we were talking about former partners – whether they were husbands, boyfriends, dates, flings or just one-night-stands. We spoke about who we keep in touch with, who we never ever want to see again, and who had been “recycled”.

Right, we don’t want to date a virgin so in most cases, we’re going out with someone’s ex. That’s how relationships are right? You go out with one, things don’t work out, you move on. Meet another, psychotic, grab your clothes and run for the exit. This keeps going till you’ve found “the one” and announce that you’re out of these hunting games.

What about “recycling” within your group of friends?

Some many years ago, I was a firm believer in “I don’t want him, and I don’t want anyone else to have him”. Immature I must admit. That was a long time ago. Then I’ve adopted the idea of “let other’s play with my old toys, it’s dated and I’m not going to take a second look”. That made my life a lot easier, and happier. Everything that’s in my expired pile is free to good homes. One said she can’t take the awkwardness of seeing her ex with her friend – I don’t see it the same way unless we broke up yesterday and he’s with my friend today. We just have to be honest with our feelings – if I’m not over this person, it is my responsibility to make it known. When I don’t feel anything for this person anymore, he goes straight to the expired pile. Simple as that.

I, on the other hand, am not so cool about being a second hand user. Till date, I’ve not been out with any of my friend’s ex. I find it disgusting. I do know that we should never say never so yeah… Perhaps I’ll find a friend’s ex-boyfriend so irresistible, I’m so madly, deeply, truly in love with that I don’t care he had been with three of my good friends, I just want to be with him. Well, he gotta be that irresistible to have gone out with three of my good friends, right?

That’s just me. Just so you know, I was one who did not want to take my brother’s hand-me-down textbooks. We went through the same syllabus in primary school and mind you, my brother didn’t spend much of his time on his textbooks so they were relatively new. But I insisted on new books. Come to think of it, that was a bit excessive. I was very spoilt. But my brother and I are generous people, never hesitate to give away what we don’t need. Of course, those textbooks went straight to charity as soon as we were done with them. I absolutely have no issue having others enjoying what was mine.

That’s my take on recycling, sharing and taking.

p.s. I don’t borrow clothes either but I’m more than happy to share mind with you. Just make sure you return them, in their original condition.

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